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Grow Followers
Bartenders, get more regulars into those seats.
Clock In
Clock in and let your followers know when you’re behind the bar.
Upload Drinks
Show off your mixology craft by uploading drink images to your personal profile.
Send Notifications
Connect to your regulars by sending followers personalized notifications.
Find great bars and bartenders anywhere in the world.
Earn Points
Every time you check in you'll rack up points towards something great.
Future features
More Features Will Help You to Experience More
Like Button
When you get a notification that a bartender or server that you follow had clocked in, you will be able to let them know you appreciate the heads up!
A patron will soon be able to send some cash to the bartender before they even get to the bar. What better way to ensure your favorite drink will be waiting for your arrival?
Remote Drink Buying
Your buddies are across town at another bar? No worries, send them a drink through their bartender via Tending!
Video Posts
Bartenders and servers will soon be able to post short clips of their mad skills to share with their followers!
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Connecting Bartenders
to Regulars
Enrich your bar experience with Tending!
Connects Bartenders to regulars with real-time updates
Connect to your Regulars
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