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About Us

Being a regular at our local bars throughout the years, Greg and I have always held bartenders and servers in the highest regard. We believe they are undervalued and woefully underpaid. A good bartender or server makes you feel at home. They can sometimes be your best friend, your therapist, or your confidant. We live by the idea that everyone should appreciate their bartenders and servers and by all means TIP WELL!

So a few years ago upon my travels to different parts of the country, I realized that it was extremely difficult to find a good bartender just by happenstance. I would go from bar to bar trying to find somebody interesting. This trial and error approach many times left me exhausted and ultimately unsuccessful. It occurred to me that there must be some kind of app that would let me know who was behind the stick at any given time at any given bar. Much to my dismay, there was no such app. That’s when I decided to build my own. I brought the idea to Greg and he instantly fell in love with it. We started going to all of our regular hang outs and pitching the idea to our favorite bartenders. Turns out they loved the idea as well! After several years and much trial and tribulation, we believe we have an app that can truly benefit bartenders and servers. They can build their following of regulars and create a book of business so to speak. The cool part is that they can take their regulars to any bar they choose to work at. The app is also great for patrons like us because we can now find that great bartender and discover new ones anywhere in the world!

Unfortunately, we lost Greg tragically in May of 2019. It was devastating for all of us who had the privilege to be his friend. Tending will miss his knowledge, his intellect, and especially his love for the bar industry.

We at Tending hope you find our app useful and fun to use. Please let us know how we can make it better for you. Any feedback is much appreciated. You can always reach us at info@tendingapp.com.


Greg West and Luis Arida