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Why Is Everyone Addicted to Hopscotch?

Stepping into Hopscotch Tavern in Fullerton is like stepping into your quirky uncle’s bar. There’s green plaid behind the bar, taxidermied heads hanging on the walls, and a cigar patio outside. The building is over 100 years old and is designated as a historic structure in the city of Fullerton. As you enter, a massive wall of whiskey and rows of 24 beer taps are there to greet you. They also have around 220 selections of spirits available as well. I don’t know about you, but that’s my favorite uncle.

It’s difficult to talk about Hopscotch without first mentioning the whiskey, of which they have 175 varieties. Their bourbons, scotches, Irish whiskeys, and ryes come from every region that produces the smokey sweet elixir. The bartenders at Hopscotch even make their own barrel-aged cocktails and infused spirits. And while the sound of almost 200 different types of whiskey sounds overwhelming, Hopscotch is one of the more accessible whiskey bars. It is a place to sit, sip, and learn. With “Whiskey Wednesdays” offering $5 whiskey flights, coupled with an educated and approachable staff, it’s difficult to walk out of this place without learning something new. Oftentimes, a bar with such an emphasis on whiskey and spirits can seem stuffy or intimidating. Hopscotch, however, is different. Hopscotch will be whatever you want it to be.

If you want a local “third place” to hang after a long day at work, Hopscotch will be there with a welcoming happy hour. If you want to step up your cocktail game and graduate from your rum and Coke phase, Hopscotch’s bartenders will be more than willing to offer a suggestion to fit your taste. If you’re looking for a place just to hang with your buddies with a round of beers and watch the game, Hopscotch hit the magic flat screen number without going full sports bar. Whether you’re alone, with a date, or with a crowd, Hopscotch is the bar for you.

Owner Morry Robatian, despite beginning his bar ownership in 2015, makes a point to learn about the industry he adopted after a lifetime of working as a successful engineer. He has tinkered with the food menu to offer more pub fare, added a few (but not too many) flat screen tvs, added a cigar patio, and most of all, he started learning about the seemingly endless variety of whiskey, beer, and spirits his bar offers.

“I’m always trying my best to make it better and better every day for my guests,” Robatian says with a kind smile and sweet accent. “[Hopscotch] is a place for them.”

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